#Blooming Series | Enjoy a Tasty Dong Jee (冬至) at Home with An Enchanting Reunion
  • 04 Dec 2020

#BloomingSeries | Enjoy a tasty Dong Jee (冬至) at home with An Enchanting Reunion (Sauteed prawns with crab roe)

The end of the year can feel like it is flying by. Entire family gathering around is a huge blessing! Let’s start the coming year with delight by using top ingredients to prepare a tasty Dong Jee dinner.

Sino Club Blooming Series has invited Master Chef Lai (Executive Chef of Sino Group) to demonstrate a gourmet dish: An Enchanting Reunion (sauteed prawns with crab roe). Watch the tutorial here and turn into a Chinese Master chef. Share love and happiness at the dinner table with your family at the Dong Jee.